We build the verifiable Internet

Towards predictable data distribution and resilience to disinformation

Saksaha seeks to end an arbitrary control over how data is collected, processed, and distributed

The world of our time needs a verifiable computing platform with a strong focus on privacy. The one that allows predictably processing and storing of the data while still accommodating existing Internet applications' workflow.

Saksaha's first mission is to formalize and implement a "secure communication protocol". The protocol would apply the principles of modern-day cryptography into a distributed-ledger-backed trustless network environment.

Secure, transparent, and "publicly-verifiable" data processing may no longer be the story from science-fiction movies. Modern advances in web technology and cryptography have yielded notable materials such as zk-SNARK and Web Assembly. These pieces, if put together correctly, may serve as a key to solving long-overdue problems of the Internet.

Just as how Transport Layer Security (TLS) started as an "option" to later become "absolute necessity", we expect a new, safer way of securing data will turn out to be standardized in the upcoming era.

Source code

This project is currently halted. (Dec 2022)

Elden Park

Github:  eldenpark

Noah Jang

Github:  jinwook-jang

Aaron Cho

Github:  c0np4nn4

Kihyun Kim

Github:  saksaha-kihyun

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